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Easy ebook creation

Everyone has an ebook inside them. Why?

Ask yourself these simple questions:

1) Who were you 5 years ago?
2) Who are you now?
3) What did you learn to get here?
4) Are there other people like you, who could benefit from that knowledge, and get to where you are, now, faster?


1) What do love?
2) What do you know a lot about?
3) Is it fair to say that others might want to know the same things, and don't?

Write it out. Don't worry about length, covers, any of that. Just write it out. Get it out of your head, and down into a computer file. Preferably a microsoft word file, but any file will do.

After that, go to lulu and upload the thing.

If you have a friend who is artistically inclined, get them to make the cover for you for 10% of the profits.

Pick a title, assign a price, and you're done. Seriously, it is not hard. Lulu takes care of the rest, and every now and then you get a check in the mail.

Once you're done, simply repeat the process. What else do you know...?

Useful resource: epublishing for dummies

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