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Sensei Ono, founder of Shinka Martial Arts, is a teacher and student of life. His passion for helping others and self improvement is the purpose behind this blog. -- "If your purpose in any way includes making the world a better place, I urge to you read, and share the knowledge."

The Key to Awesome

Something I've become passionate about, is refining all the books and seminars I've read into one giant roadmap or collection of pathways.

Think of it like this:  A life is a planet - someone's job was to take that and put it into big maps.  Someone else's job was to take that and put it into smaller maps, and smaller maps and so on.  Each, pointing to the next.

One thing that I'm passionate about, is something I've deemed "Awesome" - that is, the perfect human being, the thing that many of us strive to become.

And I started thinking about the exact "road map" to get there.  What you need to do, how to do it, and, depending on which area you need focus on, what to practice, learn etc.

So, I've been writing "The Key To Awesome" for some time now, and its going really really well.  I'm very pleased with its progress, and, I intend on making an ebook out of it soon enough :)

I'd love your thoughts, suggestions, and over all comments on the subject, so please, do check it out and let me know what you think!  Its all categorized by chapters (1-4) and sub-chapters (1.1 etc).  I'll add new chapters in later at reader-suggestion via the 1a, 1b method :)

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