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Sensei Ono, founder of Shinka Martial Arts, is a teacher and student of life. His passion for helping others and self improvement is the purpose behind this blog. -- "If your purpose in any way includes making the world a better place, I urge to you read, and share the knowledge."

Marketing (A2 of AIDA)

Marketing can be broken into 4 sections
Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Action. Poor salesmen typically focus on this step. The "close". "What's it going to take to put you in a car, today?" brrr.

To me, that's fairly unethical, and not the way to go. The way I feel, is that if I've done the first AID part correct, the last A part is as simple as saying "Ok" to their request to sign up.

I truly believe that martial arts, specifically Shinka Martial Arts is the absolute best vehicle for self improvement, self actualization and self empowerment that there is.

Our curriculum is second to none, our martial arts facility is extraordinary, our martial arts teachers are awesome and, our culture is one of collaboration and positivity.

Put simply, I know of no better place to send your child, or attend yourself. Period.

So, all that is left, is finding out our potential student's needs, explaining the process as to how Shinka can fulfill them, and allowing them to come to class.

There are millions of reasons to purchase YOUR product. Find out which reasons your potential client has, and explain to them how it will fulfill those needs, and, more importantly, their wants.

If you had ice cream that was good for you, you'd still market the taste.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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