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Getting your product into the hands of the consumers

Okay! So, in our previous articles we've figured out how to market for free, how to fabricate our product for free (assuming it needs fabrication of course - if its a downloadable medium you can likely skip that last part) and now we're onto getting it into the hands of those who've paid for it.

Distribution of "The Widget".

Again, if you have a digital service, you can look up how to establish auto responders through the use of list building - which is beyond the scope of this particular article (we're more dealing with physical objects fabricated from ideas at this point)

So, how are you going to get this product into stores, onto websites, and ultimately, into the homes or businesses of their end-user's?

Well, where do your users shop already? Start there. If you don't know, ask your list (see free marketing section). They probably will buy from you, so you can also sell it right from your blog.

But, let's say you need to branch out, and have the product distributed. Could you use drop shipping? (the process of using a warehouse which will store your products, and ship the products for you - so that all you have to do is send them an email... which is also a process that can be automated through your shopping cart software.

So, let's assume you need an actual physical storefront. No problem, you have all these pre-orders set up from phase 1, so, you simply let the storage facility/store know that you'd like to give them 100,000 units, of which you can guarantee 60,000 units will sell within the first day. Not a bad deal for most places.

Sometimes you'll need revenue collection / billing.

Most shopping carts (See above) will have basic billing. If not, simply add a paypal option to your website, and it'll take care of all your credit card transactions etc.

So: Go to the library and grab a piece of paper and a free pencil, and design your idea.

Then, follow that blog to the letter. Get all your ducks in a row, and launch.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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