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Blogging for profit (what I've made thus far on day 17)

So, I'm writing this on May 5, 2010 [although it is not going to be posted until the 22nd, due to scheduled posting I've set up] and I've made about $15 since starting on April 17th.

So that's about 17 days of up and running blogging, and $15 of profit has come in; which works out to be about a $1 a day, BUT, the whole $15 has come in, in the last 3-ish days (as I'm starting to show up in Google searches on related topics, I'd imagine)

So, I haven't done any specific SEO (for example, doing some sort of keyword study etc), I've basically just been writing what I feel would best benefit the readers.

And, google being the awesome folks that they are, have a pretty cool system in place (already) that "SEOs" relevant content enough, it seems, to drive traffic here already.

-Not to say that with some effort I couldn't possibly drive MORE traffic to the site (and believe me, if this works out to be as lucrative as my projections indicate, I'm interested!) but this has been an excellent "test run"

I'm going to write a bit more about this tomorrow.

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