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Sensei Ono, founder of Shinka Martial Arts, is a teacher and student of life. His passion for helping others and self improvement is the purpose behind this blog. -- "If your purpose in any way includes making the world a better place, I urge to you read, and share the knowledge."

How to multiply $4,000 into $94,000 & save the planet at the same time

I really like this fellow's presentation, because he talks about saving the ocean in financial terms.

So often, you get people who spend a large percentage of their presentation on "humans are bad, we break the ocean/forest etc" -- which is all true and fine, but it doesn't motivate the bean counters to take action.

When I see the potential profit of 19 BILLION dollars in saved fishermen subsidies for doing the RIGHT THING FOR THE PLANET, it becomes something of a no-brainer.

Often, ecological decisions are seen as extraneous costs by those in charge - we look at "conserve the rain forest" and right away, someone goes "yeah, but I make my living cutting trees" and we get into a stalemate.

In this case, we actually all make considerably more money, over all.

35 Billion vs 16 Billion cost to governments to make the RIGHT decision.
$4,000 profit vs $94,000 profit for fisheries

Over all: Saving the planet gives us a surplus of approximately $19,000,090,000

Just imagine what we could put those resources into, eh?


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Free hassles

Okay, so, you've read The Key To Awesome, and yet, you're still not awesome?

Solution:  Get auto-hassled.  Hehe, I saw this and thought it cute/funny.  Now, I actually DO do this stuff, but, I use a planner (itouch) - but feel free to use this service if it better suits you.


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Comprehensive list of free ebooks focusing on self development

I found this great list on ChangeBlog - gotta collect 'em all!

114 Ways to Celebrate Life – Marelisa Fábrega, Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online
30 Things You Need to Know Now – Alex Blackwell, The Bridgemaker
4 Steps to Create the Life You Desire – Ellie Walsh, Living the Law of Attraction
5 Secrets to Attracting Everything You Want – Lorraine Cohen, Powerfull Living
5 Simple Keys to Rock Your 20s – Jenny Ferry, Crest of Your Life
5 Simple Steps to an Awesome Life – Vlad Dolezal, An Amazing Mind
50 Ways to a Positive Consciousness – Nicholas Powiull, Conscious Flex
84 Tips on Overcoming Procrastination – Alex Fayle, Someday Syndrome
A Year of Change – Peter Clemens, The Change Blog (that’s me!)
Career Satisfaction From Within – Chris Edgar, Purpose Power Coaching
Clear Negative Energy – Andrea Hess, Empowered Soul
Clutter 101: The Definitive Guide To De-Cluttering Your Life – James Mallinson, Organize IT
Change How You Communicate – Leona Dawson, Transformative Living
Curly’s Law – Seamus Anthony, Rebel Zen
Enduring the Road to Success – Eric Hamm, Motivate Thyself
Enlightening Stress Relief – The Daily Minder, The Daily Mind
Enlightenment in a PDF – Ivan Campuzano, Ivan Campuzano . com
Flying By The Seat Of My Soul – Tess Marshall, The Bold Life
How to Get a Girlfriend – Alex Shalman, Alex Shalman . com
How to Become a Billionaire – Nathalie Lussier, Billionaire Woman
How To Deal With Disappointment – Celestine Chua, The Personal Excellence Blog

How to Discover Your Life Purpose – Celestine Chua, The Personal Excellence Blog

How to Make Friends – Glen Allsopp, PluginID
How to Manifest What You Want – Evelyn Lim, Attraction Mind Map
How To Move On From Relationships – Celestine Chua, The Personal Excellence Blog

How To Overcome Procrastination – Celestine Chua, The Personal Excellence Blog

How to Practice the Art of Life Balance – Stacey Hoffer Weckstein, Create a Balance
How To Successfully Achieve Any Goal – Celestine Chua, The Personal Excellence Blog

Learn This (numerous ebooks) – Mike King, Learn This
Life Changers – ManageTrainLearn
Manage, Click, Learn! 2010 – ManageTrainLearn
Opening Doors: A Mini Guide to Blissful Guide to Blissful Living – Laurel Vespi, Stone Circle Coaching
Overcome Anything – Mary Jaksch, Goodlife Zen
Quit Your Day Job – Ali Hale, Aliventures
Shoots of Growth – ManageTrainLearn

Slow Down Fast: A Revolutionary How-To Guide For Being Productive, Efficient, and Effective – David Bohl, Slown Down Fast
The 7 Timeless Habits of Happiness – Henrik Edberg, The Positivity Blog
The 77 Traits of Highly Successful People – Mark Foo
The Beautiful Calm Meditation Ebook – Ananga, Living By Design
The Essential Guide to Personal Excellence – Celestine Chua, The Personal Excellence Blog

The Genius Within YOU – Steve Martile, Freedom Education
The Inspiration Manifesto – Tanner Maluchnik
The Quote Effect – Davina Haisell, Shades of Crimson
The Woman’s Relationship Bible – Hayden Tompkins, Through The Illusion
The Zen of Blogging – Hunter Nuttall, Hunter Nuttall.com
Thinkonomics – Rev. Ike, Science of Living Online
Thriving On Less – Simplifying In A Tough Economy – Leo Babauta, Zen Habits
Why We’re Failing the 4-Hour Workweek (or, Reflections of a Pro Blogger) – Hunter Nuttall
Work Happy The Google Way – Karl Staib, Work Happy Now!

Thanks to Peter for the list!

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The Key to Awesome

Something I've become passionate about, is refining all the books and seminars I've read into one giant roadmap or collection of pathways.

Think of it like this:  A life is a planet - someone's job was to take that and put it into big maps.  Someone else's job was to take that and put it into smaller maps, and smaller maps and so on.  Each, pointing to the next.

One thing that I'm passionate about, is something I've deemed "Awesome" - that is, the perfect human being, the thing that many of us strive to become.

And I started thinking about the exact "road map" to get there.  What you need to do, how to do it, and, depending on which area you need focus on, what to practice, learn etc.

So, I've been writing "The Key To Awesome" for some time now, and its going really really well.  I'm very pleased with its progress, and, I intend on making an ebook out of it soon enough :)

I'd love your thoughts, suggestions, and over all comments on the subject, so please, do check it out and let me know what you think!  Its all categorized by chapters (1-4) and sub-chapters (1.1 etc).  I'll add new chapters in later at reader-suggestion via the 1a, 1b method :)

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Expensive Mesothelioma

First off, my apologies if you happen to have any diseases associated with the inhalation of asbestos.

I've been listening to The Google Story off and on, when I have a few minutes or when I'm munching on some rice, and one thing that caught my ear today, was the lucrative market of knowing what keywords are expensive.

For example, mesothelioma.  A cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos.  As people who have contracted this disease often have an excellent case against the owner of the building (in the case of renters), lawyers are paying upwards of $30 a click for potential clients.


It makes me wonder what other "pricey clicks" there might be out there...

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
Today's click-income goes towards a cancer-related charity.
(So click a link!)

More $ thoughts

I know, bit of a tangent.  We'll get back to the other stuff pretty soon.

How many clicks is that? (the $100 a day p/blog)

Well, about an average of 300 clicks p/day... which probably means around 3,000, to 30,000 visitors.  (as I'm not sure what percentage of people in each reading group would click a link if they enjoyed the article, but 1% is dependable, and 10% is probably optimistic)

So, if you got around 30k coming to your blogs, that might be about right - now, that's actually not entirely true, because there's also a impression number that'd start kickin' in at that point, so, math wise, you'd only probably need about half that.

So, let's say that your monthly goal of passive income, if you have five blogs, is approximately your daily visitor number.

ie $15,000 a month goal = 15,000 daily visitors x 5 blogs?

We'll find out how accurate that is as this progresses oui?

(okay, okay, back to book reviews and deep thoughts.  Just got a little excited about all this, that's all)

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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So, my intention is to make $15,000 a month in passive income.  Which sounds like a lot, yeah?

So, my Secret abilities were, perhaps, being strained by that strong of an intention (maybe, maybe not, they seemed to be lining things up easy enough) but then, this morning (May 6th) I realised something.

I have 5 blogs... that's only $100 a day.

That's just like a regular, low income type job's wage.  THAT is soooo eeeeasy to see, coming from a blog.  And, if it can come from one, it can certainly come from 5.

So, I really see that being no big deal at all, now.  I've started an investment group, in which we all pool our resources/knowledge etc - and one thing I assigned as homework (to be done by the 22nd) is to have at least one blog.  Which means, we'll all have blogs up and running, and we can cross-link etc for SEO.

$100 a day is nooooothing!  Peanuts!  It can be done!

(Exciting, when math lends a hand to visualization)
Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Blogging for profit update: part 3

So, now that we understand the difference between income and relative income, we must look at the "seed time" of a blog, and then ascertain the longevity income.

See, the "seed time" of any business is generally without profit.  The first few blogs I did, didn't show up in any search engines (though they might, now) and are basically considered write-offs (though they're good, go back 'n read 'em if you want)

So, what you have to look at, is the longevity income of a blog.  That is, what is to BECOME the hourly wage, once your blog is discovered?

While it might take you 30 days to make that first dollar, after that, you might make $4 a day, then $8 a day etc.

For this blog, it seemed to jump up from zero to $15 p/day after a short while, though that is not typical of some of my other blogs.  Perhaps people who read about passive income are more willing to show their support that people learning about martial arts - or perhaps people will pay more to have people go to their passive income vehicle related sites, then they will for people to go to their martial arts/meditation sites (more likely)

Regardless of the reason, this blog is a nice template from which to study.

First little while, no money, then, some money.  When it goes up, we'll have a yearly projection from which we can really extract some cool data.

For now, however, a few key things to realize.

Any business has a start up time which is generally all investment with little or no reward.  That's fine.

Eventually, that business turns a profit.  At some point, you want to figure out what your hourly wage is, minus your startup time.

That is, what do I get paid, now, to blog?

Let's say I made $15 a day from now on (though I expect this to increase as our readers increase, I'll just keep to the facts for now).  An average blog takes me somewhere between twenty minutes and a half hour to write.  (for example the last three blogs were written in 42 minutes, all on the same day, but scheduled over multiple days for easy comprehension, valid SEO, a small, digestible article, and good keyword linking)

SooOoo, that means that 14 minutes p/blog, at $15 is just over $1 a minute.  That's pretty good, that's what you pay a reasonable masseuse.  And whose to say that a masseuse couldn't write a blog on massage during lulls at work where there were no clients to rub?

Food for thought, anyway, hm?

I'll update you at the next benchmark!

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Blogging for profit update: part 2

When you look at blogging income verses job-income, one thing you must take into account is relative income.

See, if you've read The Four Hour Work Week, one thing Tim is really passionate about, is relative income.  (btw, great book, pick up a copy cheap on amazon)

The calculation tables compare like so:
 Cindy makes 100k p/year
 Alice makes 50k p/year

 Cindy works 40 hrs p/week
 Alice works 10 hrs a week.  

Suddenly, the math is a little different, yes?

Before, our only calculation to compare was:
 Cindy makes $1923.08 p/week
 Alice makes $961.54 p/week.  
(divided by 52).

So you can easily say that Cindy makes more than Alice, right?

But!  If you look at their hourly wage (that is, how much time they are exchanging for dollars - time being our most valuable asset) we see that Alice is considerably more wealthy than Cindy, as:

Cindy makes $48.08 p/hr
Alice makes $96.15 p/hr
(What they make p/week divided by the hours p/week they worked)

Alice's life is lookin' better and better now, eh?  

Not to mention, she could fill her time up with ANOTHER JOB, making nearly as much as Cindy does now, if she really wanted to (or, more likely combine with another method of income similar to her current one, to double her hourly wage to $192.30 p/hr and still only be working around 20 hours a week)

More tomorrow!

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Blogging for profit (what I've made thus far on day 17)

So, I'm writing this on May 5, 2010 [although it is not going to be posted until the 22nd, due to scheduled posting I've set up] and I've made about $15 since starting on April 17th.

So that's about 17 days of up and running blogging, and $15 of profit has come in; which works out to be about a $1 a day, BUT, the whole $15 has come in, in the last 3-ish days (as I'm starting to show up in Google searches on related topics, I'd imagine)

So, I haven't done any specific SEO (for example, doing some sort of keyword study etc), I've basically just been writing what I feel would best benefit the readers.

And, google being the awesome folks that they are, have a pretty cool system in place (already) that "SEOs" relevant content enough, it seems, to drive traffic here already.

-Not to say that with some effort I couldn't possibly drive MORE traffic to the site (and believe me, if this works out to be as lucrative as my projections indicate, I'm interested!) but this has been an excellent "test run"

I'm going to write a bit more about this tomorrow.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Making a difference

One thing that cannot be understated, is the power of both passion, and direction.

Basically, Mastering Influence.

In order to truly influence people, you must be passionate, driven, and come from a place of integrity.

Many people misunderstand that word, by the way.  "Integrity"  They assume that they can say "you sir, are acting outside of your integrity".

It implies ethics - and, while acting within ethics is also incredibly crucial to living a fulfilled life, it is NOT necessary to influence people (look at Hitler, you gotta say, that dude could influence)

So, what does it mean then, to act within one's integrity?  Simply, to act with your whole being.  Meaning, you must be completely sure, and your whole body, mind, spirit, everything, must be behind your conviction.

That, is acting from within your integrity.  Again, if you look at Hitler, the man had his convictions, and he was behind his... message, 100%.

So, your duty, as a good person, is to master influence, and use your powers for good.

Just imagine is Superman had been raised by Lex Luthor's parents, or if Lex Luthor had been raised by the Kents?

Different world, eh?

No such thing as bad power, only bad use!

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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The Google Story - Book Review

Okay, we've all heard about Google ad sense and all the jillions of dollars people can make from it.

What people don't talk quite as much about, is Google, itself.

I've recently been listening to The Google Story.  A frank, "biography" of the company itself.

Its fascinating, listening to the story of their past, and its really, really fascinating listening to their proposed future.  They talk about all kinds of futuristic projects, including being able to google your genome - meaning you can insert some hair or blood into your computer's scanning device, and it'll be able to check for hereditary impurities and likely diseases etc - as well as a full health checkup and a bunch of other interesting things.

Wow eh?

Just wow.

Plus, they're in the process of completely digitizing and universally translating ALL BOOKS in the world.  (making all information available, like a library)


So cool.

The book has its dry parts, (there's one section where it seems like all the narrator (Robert Vyes) says, is "then they needed more computers, then they bought some, then they needed more computers... and then they bought some..."  but, all 'n all, I'd still recommend it, as its very interesting.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Building the Perfect Team

Okay, so you wanna leverage learning now, and you want to make up your investment group.

You're bound to attract a large gamut of people. From dabblers, to drivens, to the people in between.

Ultimately, at the end of every meeting, ask yourself, and the group, who contributed the most to the meeting? Also, if you had to rate everyone in the group as either a positive energy giver, or a negative energy sucker - meaning someone who contributed, or someone who anti-contributed, what would you rate everyone?

You want a group of momentum-increasing, positive-energy-giving, passionate dynamos whose purpose aligns with your own. People you don't drag to meetings - people who arrive with materials they're itching to demonstrate or questions they've been dying to ask.

Make a team based on character, emotion, passion, and drive. Knowledge comes from those traits. You could have the smartest person in the world on your team, but if they use their talents for negativity, all those talents work in the opposite direction.

If you are a leader, or a member of a group, you may want to start keeping track of simple -1, 0, +1 ratings of people at the end of each meeting.

In the beginning, people's ratings will fluctuate wildly. -1 because they're scared or defensive of their former lives. 0, because they're insecure about their knowledge or life experience, and +1 because of that initial spike of passion.

After about a month, check in with your ratings, and start making judgement calls. Ultimately, the investment group is an entity all on its own. Its up to each one of its members (and especially its leader) to keep that entity not only alive, but flourishing.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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Blogging Tool Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

Information Leveraging

Information leveraging is something I've become increasingly passionate about these last few months.

The basic concept is that you as one person can only learn so much, and to solve this, you surround yourself with people of like-purpose, but not like-mind.

Meaning, you have a teammate who is passionate, driven, wants to make the world a better place, and knows a lot about cars, or tofu, or shoes, or tin foil or whatever! Just something that is different than what YOU know a lot about.

Also, even if people DO share the same interests/passions as you, whose to say that there aren't multiple facets within that same passion?

Take martial arts, for example. Within that broad spectrum are literally thousands of minute distinctions. In fact, there are two main categories right away, hard styles and soft styles.

So, using this analogy, you could have one partner study everything there was about hard styles, one partner study everything there was about soft styles, and a third partner study the best ways of combining the knowledge in complementary ways.

The same is true for anything, including business, and information.

Take the huge concept of passive income. That has a feeeeeeew tiers, yes? So, grab a group of people together who are passionate about passive income, and leverage their talents for the common good!

Create or join an investment group with a common purpose (the one I created has a fairly simple slogan "To get rich making the world a better place") and get people summarizing books, seeing angles of attack unbenownst to others due to the informational compacting that undoubtedly occurs when people are all applying themselves passionately.

Read on about making the perfect team!

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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25 (more) Ways to profit from intellectual property

Here's 25 more! When I couldn't find a great resource for how TO do it, I've linked to great examples OF DOING IT. Copying from one, is plagiarism. Copying from many, is research!

Mix and match the magic and make your own style, but do it!

Home-study courses
Weekend retreats
Subscription audio CD series
Ghostwriting / co-authoring
Branded retail products

Trade associations
Conventions & trade shows
Agenting and information arbitrage

Seminar company workshops
Business-building systems
Practice-management tools

Newsletters (again)
Radio / TV show
Philanthropic foundation
Media expert
Syndicated column
Private-label magazine
Rights (yours)
Rights (other's)
Special reports & white papers
CD / DVD training
Counseling services
Professional education

Oh what the heck, here's one more for luck: Reference guides & directories software

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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How to add a shopping cart

One question I get a lot of, is how to add a shopping cart to your site.

There are lots of ways, but, one way that I've found multiplies your sales tremendously, is by using a third party marketer such as paydotcom.  The reason I recommend them, is that not only do you get an easy-to-add shopping cart to your site...

But they'll hook you up with a bunch of affiliates who'll sell your product FOR YOU as well.

Best of both worlds.

You get your shopping cart, and a bunch of salesmen working for you, endorsing your product :-D

25 Ways to profit from intellectual property

You've heard me say "all you need is a good idea" a few times here 'n there.

Here's a list of vehicles from which passive income can flow, which start with, and are mainly comprised of, a good idea.

Also, I've linked to many books, tapes, dvds, cds, and other informational materials on their associated subjects. Just pick one, they're all very lucrative, its simply a question of finding your passion, your vehicle, and taking action!

Audio Books

Audio Programs
Single Audio Cassettes, CDs etc

Video Trainings
Multimedia Systems

Coaching Programs
Mentoring & Apprenticeship Programs
Speaking Internationally or via web conference
Speaking in breakout sessions
Speaking representing your employer or company
Train-the-trainer programs
Public Seminars
Corporate training programs

Presenter-at-large events
Boot camps of any subject
Tele-boot camps or web based
Hourly consulting
Long-term consulting
Spokesperson Contracts
Infomercial Products

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Making your life a library

One thing that I've become passionate about since re-re-re listening to The Secret (which, by the way, you should listen to if you haven't) is making my life that of one rich in positive affirmations, and education.

I've always loved the concept of being able to document my ideas, and learn, in any place, at any time (one of the reasons I love my itouch so much) - and this got me to thinking about how I always have to stop learning when I shave, or take a shower etc.

I've pretty much got transportation down (as do we all with our ipods 'n whatnot; or as I like to call them "Mobile Mentors") but, there are still some gaps of time where I'm not necessarily meditating, or using thinking time; where typically I'm wishing I could still be listening to what it was I *was* listening to, before I "had to go".

So, that got me into thinking about creating a seamless flow of information. What I mean by that, is taking an audio book, say, that you're listening to on your device of choice (or even on your computer) and having it follow you around pretty much wherever you went, without having to re-find your place in the book/track etc. [as that often happens to me, if I'm listening to a book on multiple devices.]

That got me into looking at wireless speakers, specifically itouch-configured wireless speakers, such as the Audio Unlimited ShowerPOD 900 Mhz Wireless Shower Speaker - basically a wireless speaker that is made to fit in, and withstand the environment of, one's shower.

As a result of finding that neat thing, I also found something I thought was really cool - the Audio Unlimited PoolPOD 900Mhz Wireless Floating Waterproof Speaker - which is a speaker specifically designed for hot tubs and pools!

I'm not sure how loud the speaker gets (as pools/hot tubs kind of reverberate and modify sound quite often) but the idea is fantastic, and is definitely going to be one of my LTSS purchases.

--Update this Wireless Speaker is a little cheaper, and just as good! (I also found another one that hooks up to your USB port (cool) but it isn't waterproof.)

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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New Online money making methods (NOMMM)

These are some opportunities I'm still looking at myself.

New credit-card based vending machines. I've heard of these lil' beauties, and am still locating them. I tried out standard vending machines before, and, they're ooookay. One thing you have to consider is the unit's ability to store product, as well as coin storage. The credit card thing is pretty sweet, as it takes that factor out of the equation.

Buy your own ATM machines - still looking into it, but, apparently, in some countries they've privatized ATM machines. Very VERY cool.

Storage units

licencing / intellectual property or Royalties

And index funds

Any thoughts on these'd be great, I'll update as I learn as well.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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