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Money for nothing and your skills for free

So, you want lots of money and don't want to do any of the work?

Yeah, you can do that.

A lot of people will immediately come back with the ol' catchphrase: "Money doesn't grow on trees!" or, "it takes money to make money!"

Neither, as it turns out, is true. Money does grow on trees, you just need to know what seeds to plant. And, it actually only takes creativity and some strategy to make money. Sorry to burst the illusions, feel free to reject those statements and come back another time :)

Now, is there work? Sure.

There's always research and time up front, but, as far as actually contributing to anything, all you really need, is a good idea.

Let me give you an example:

Say you have an idea for a new kind of widget. (why is it always a widget?)

Now, in order to make money you would need:
1) Marketing of said widget
2) Production of said widget
3) Distribution of said widget.
4) Possibly revenue collection for said widget.

So, let's say marketing consists of making a colorful graphic, and a $1,000,000 ad campaign explaining the benefits of widget use. The production requires $1,000,000 up front for the initial molds, and first batch. Now, to distribute these items, you're looking at creating a nation-wide distributorship which costs about a billion dollars, and...

What? You don't have that much capital on hand?

Okay then, let's leverage it for free, shall we?

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