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Expensive Mesothelioma

First off, my apologies if you happen to have any diseases associated with the inhalation of asbestos.

I've been listening to The Google Story off and on, when I have a few minutes or when I'm munching on some rice, and one thing that caught my ear today, was the lucrative market of knowing what keywords are expensive.

For example, mesothelioma.  A cancer caused by the inhalation of asbestos.  As people who have contracted this disease often have an excellent case against the owner of the building (in the case of renters), lawyers are paying upwards of $30 a click for potential clients.


It makes me wonder what other "pricey clicks" there might be out there...

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  1. So, if you just wrote a blog post that said mesothelioma a lot, would all your google links be worth $30 a pop??

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