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How to multiply $4,000 into $94,000 & save the planet at the same time

I really like this fellow's presentation, because he talks about saving the ocean in financial terms.

So often, you get people who spend a large percentage of their presentation on "humans are bad, we break the ocean/forest etc" -- which is all true and fine, but it doesn't motivate the bean counters to take action.

When I see the potential profit of 19 BILLION dollars in saved fishermen subsidies for doing the RIGHT THING FOR THE PLANET, it becomes something of a no-brainer.

Often, ecological decisions are seen as extraneous costs by those in charge - we look at "conserve the rain forest" and right away, someone goes "yeah, but I make my living cutting trees" and we get into a stalemate.

In this case, we actually all make considerably more money, over all.

35 Billion vs 16 Billion cost to governments to make the RIGHT decision.
$4,000 profit vs $94,000 profit for fisheries

Over all: Saving the planet gives us a surplus of approximately $19,000,090,000

Just imagine what we could put those resources into, eh?


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