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25 Ways to profit from intellectual property

You've heard me say "all you need is a good idea" a few times here 'n there.

Here's a list of vehicles from which passive income can flow, which start with, and are mainly comprised of, a good idea.

Also, I've linked to many books, tapes, dvds, cds, and other informational materials on their associated subjects. Just pick one, they're all very lucrative, its simply a question of finding your passion, your vehicle, and taking action!

Audio Books

Audio Programs
Single Audio Cassettes, CDs etc

Video Trainings
Multimedia Systems

Coaching Programs
Mentoring & Apprenticeship Programs
Speaking Internationally or via web conference
Speaking in breakout sessions
Speaking representing your employer or company
Train-the-trainer programs
Public Seminars
Corporate training programs

Presenter-at-large events
Boot camps of any subject
Tele-boot camps or web based
Hourly consulting
Long-term consulting
Spokesperson Contracts
Infomercial Products

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