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Sensei Ono, founder of Shinka Martial Arts, is a teacher and student of life. His passion for helping others and self improvement is the purpose behind this blog. -- "If your purpose in any way includes making the world a better place, I urge to you read, and share the knowledge."

The Next Big Thing

I was having this discussion with a martial arts student of mine, who is also a kindergarten teacher.  We were discussing how all these new technological marvels are coming out, and, how I was asking the young martial artists at Shinka what THEY would do with these pieces of technology.

Because, there's the thing:  As young and hip and innovative as we all think we are, we simply aren't in their heads.  Look at axe cop, or just get a 5 year old to make up a martial arts combo to see what is going through their creative little heads.

My point is, they are the ones who will come up with something that'll actually BE new, and not simply a re-hash of something old.

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The Key to Awesome

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Reviews Part 2

Rich Dad Poor Dad was my first "passive income" book, and, as a result, I've read most of his books to date in my quest for financial freedom.  This is part two of my Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Reviews.

Surprisingly excellent.  I had fairly low expectations of this book, and, next to Cashflow Quadrant, I actually rate it as one of his top books.  It isn't as "fluffy" as I expected, and, it has lots of great seed ideas, techniques, concepts, step-by-steps as well as inspiring stories.  This one is a keeper, as it not only motivates but informs.  Great to go back to with questions.

Forgot to make a new point in these ones.  Don't bother.

Good.  A little more in depth than some of his other books.  Very American-based information.  Considerably more useful to read later on in the series, as, you should have some assets to invest with.

If you have been to a Millionaire Mind Intensive workshop, you've got all the information you'll need.  If you haven't, I'd still read the Millionaire Mind before this book, as it is more engaging.  (the seminar is generally free, and is life-changing)

This section is for specific information.  These books are less general "did you know you can leverage time?" and more specific "how to do X"

Is what it says.  References are fairly American.

Own Your Own Corporation 2nd ed.
Good info, good reference.

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver
Like all commodities investing books, fairly useless and outdated by the time it was published.

Rich Dad Book Reviews Part 1

Rich Dad Poor Dad is an interesting franchise of books regarding various aspects of financial prosperity, with a heavy focus upon American real estate, no money down, and easy-to-digest accounting.

I would say that Robert repeats himself a fair bit, which, is to be expected so as to make the books all self-sufficient, but, it can be a little annoying to read an entire book with 12% new content.

To avoid these pitfalls (as I have read all of his books) I thought a quick reference guide as to which books to read (and in which order) and which to avoid might be helpful.

These books are also graded with a "buy for future and ongoing reference" or "read once" as, unless you already have a hefty education Jar (see Millionaire Mind), you might not necessarily have the funding for each of his books.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad (The original)
This book has a special place in my heart, as, it was the very first book I read in regards to passive income, time leveraging, and other money making concepts.  As a result, it is difficult for me to be unbiased, but, I will say that it is an excellent beginners reference, and, fairly useless to a non-beginner.  Good for a single read, however, I have purchased many copies over the years to give to people interested in learning of passive income, so, if you are starting a multi-level marketing team, you might want to buy a few to have around the house to give to your downline.

Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ
A dad more wordy than his other books, but a fair bit of useful information.  Tends to lean towards American-only information, but, even as a Canadian, I found this one eye opening.

Why We Want You To Be Rich
Borderline useless.  Could have been summarized in the jacket of another book, honestly.  But then again, I rarely need "convincing" from my authors.  If you are the type of reader who demands countless pages of credibility building, then this one might be good for you.

Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant
His best work, in my opinion.  Definitely a great read, full of information that you will repeatedly reference.  Buy this one.

Rich Dad's Guide to Becoming Rich Without Cutting up your credit cards
Useless and all repeat information.  Kind of like the first book and a few others in a different order.  

Great if you have kids.  One is more for them, the other for the parents.  In both cases, if you plan on teaching kids (students etc) about how to be rich, these are great segues.  Also, I highly recommend the game cashflow for this as well.

Passable.  Property Management for Dummies is actually a much more comprehensive guide, if you are thinking of going into this sort of thing.  Even if you are planning on hiring someone else, it is a good read so you know what to look for.

Nano Generators: New Power Source is You!

Quick note:  As batteries become smaller and smaller (as much as 100 times smaller... think car battery to hearing aid size...) via carbon nanotubes, and now, on top of that, we've discovered nano generators, which basically are batteries which are recharged by your skin, or your heart beating...

what inventions will that create and make possible?

Robots yes.  Personal cyborg... things...


The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

If you look at all of technological history, especially in regards to communication, there have been repeating themes.

The initial stage of creation and resistance, the acceptance and flood of availability as well as opportunity and profit, and, then, the consolidation of providers mirrored by the ability to either filter or control the flow of information.

Monopolies, as well as dictators generally start out great.  This is how they get their power in the first place.

Trains run on time, inconvenient rights are bypassed for efficiency, and the products are all decisively better, faster, clearer or whatever.

However, ultimately, as they no longer need to get to power, nor even maintain their power, they are then welcome to abuse their power.

Which... they do.

While some are thinking of how to postpone or even prevent this, a question one might consider asking oneself, is, what's next?  What will the new free/radical/out of the box method be of communicating, and how could you get the jump on the profitable section of that timeline...

Mysterious $100

I think the best part about passive income, is that it is always a pleasant surprise... often from an unknown source.

The other day my wife and I were trying to figure out where a $100 check came from and ultimately, we were never 100% sure.  Likely TK2A in some way... but from which vein, we are unsure.

I haven't written in this blog in some time now, as I've been very, very focused on some of the improvements happening at Shinka Martial Arts.

Thanks to all our regular readers continual support.  We'll write when we can!