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The Rise and Fall of Information Empires

If you look at all of technological history, especially in regards to communication, there have been repeating themes.

The initial stage of creation and resistance, the acceptance and flood of availability as well as opportunity and profit, and, then, the consolidation of providers mirrored by the ability to either filter or control the flow of information.

Monopolies, as well as dictators generally start out great.  This is how they get their power in the first place.

Trains run on time, inconvenient rights are bypassed for efficiency, and the products are all decisively better, faster, clearer or whatever.

However, ultimately, as they no longer need to get to power, nor even maintain their power, they are then welcome to abuse their power.

Which... they do.

While some are thinking of how to postpone or even prevent this, a question one might consider asking oneself, is, what's next?  What will the new free/radical/out of the box method be of communicating, and how could you get the jump on the profitable section of that timeline...

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