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A billion dollar empire built on a post-it note and a phone call

So, in the previous article, we ascertained that a billion dollar corporation would be required to make our "widget empire".

Or, we could do it for free, if you prefer. Time to maximize our leverage. Remember, money doesn't take money to be made, it takes creativity and strategy.

Plus, the desire to help people. So let's get started:

Marketing the widget

Ask yourself this question: Who needs your widget? Write a blog describing your life's work, and how its made, without giving out your secrets. Create a widget following, and let people know that you're thinking of launching this widget product, and ask them if they're interested.

Want some free market research? Ask them what they'd be willing to pay for such a product. People will even help you with the designs and offer ideas of their own on how to improve it!

Next, ask yourself who would benefit from this widget being sold. What if you partnered up and offered exclusive sales rights to people, and sold those rights for free advertising, or for the money required to pay for the advertising?

An average person can usually sell the distributorship rights or sales rights for a product in particular regions for thousands and thousands of dollars per area (15k is average). This is, of course, assuming you have a great product.

Next, we have
Production of the widget
Distribution of the widget.
& Possibly revenue collection for said widget.

Read on!
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