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So, my intention is to make $15,000 a month in passive income.  Which sounds like a lot, yeah?

So, my Secret abilities were, perhaps, being strained by that strong of an intention (maybe, maybe not, they seemed to be lining things up easy enough) but then, this morning (May 6th) I realised something.

I have 5 blogs... that's only $100 a day.

That's just like a regular, low income type job's wage.  THAT is soooo eeeeasy to see, coming from a blog.  And, if it can come from one, it can certainly come from 5.

So, I really see that being no big deal at all, now.  I've started an investment group, in which we all pool our resources/knowledge etc - and one thing I assigned as homework (to be done by the 22nd) is to have at least one blog.  Which means, we'll all have blogs up and running, and we can cross-link etc for SEO.

$100 a day is nooooothing!  Peanuts!  It can be done!

(Exciting, when math lends a hand to visualization)
Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?


  1. hey there, where should I start with your blog? Lots of cool info.

  2. Hi Nate, thank you for the praise, have you been reading The Key to Awesome? ( http://www.thekeytoawesome.blogspot.com ) it has some great starting points!


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