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Blogging for profit update: part 3

So, now that we understand the difference between income and relative income, we must look at the "seed time" of a blog, and then ascertain the longevity income.

See, the "seed time" of any business is generally without profit.  The first few blogs I did, didn't show up in any search engines (though they might, now) and are basically considered write-offs (though they're good, go back 'n read 'em if you want)

So, what you have to look at, is the longevity income of a blog.  That is, what is to BECOME the hourly wage, once your blog is discovered?

While it might take you 30 days to make that first dollar, after that, you might make $4 a day, then $8 a day etc.

For this blog, it seemed to jump up from zero to $15 p/day after a short while, though that is not typical of some of my other blogs.  Perhaps people who read about passive income are more willing to show their support that people learning about martial arts - or perhaps people will pay more to have people go to their passive income vehicle related sites, then they will for people to go to their martial arts/meditation sites (more likely)

Regardless of the reason, this blog is a nice template from which to study.

First little while, no money, then, some money.  When it goes up, we'll have a yearly projection from which we can really extract some cool data.

For now, however, a few key things to realize.

Any business has a start up time which is generally all investment with little or no reward.  That's fine.

Eventually, that business turns a profit.  At some point, you want to figure out what your hourly wage is, minus your startup time.

That is, what do I get paid, now, to blog?

Let's say I made $15 a day from now on (though I expect this to increase as our readers increase, I'll just keep to the facts for now).  An average blog takes me somewhere between twenty minutes and a half hour to write.  (for example the last three blogs were written in 42 minutes, all on the same day, but scheduled over multiple days for easy comprehension, valid SEO, a small, digestible article, and good keyword linking)

SooOoo, that means that 14 minutes p/blog, at $15 is just over $1 a minute.  That's pretty good, that's what you pay a reasonable masseuse.  And whose to say that a masseuse couldn't write a blog on massage during lulls at work where there were no clients to rub?

Food for thought, anyway, hm?

I'll update you at the next benchmark!

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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