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Creating something from nothing, with nothing

Production of the "widget". For illustrative purposes, your product'll be The Widget.

In the previous articles, we figured out how to market the widget for free. To add on to the previous thought, you'd also want to acquire affiliates or commission based sales people and add that to your arsenal of awesome.

Now, we need to make these "widgets"

So, who can we help? Is there a manufacturing company that needs work somewhere on the planet? My guess is yes. So, you contact them, let them know that you've got a whole bunch of pre-orders from all your marketing done for this unit, and simply need it made.

Once its made, you'll have the entire purchase price to pay for the units, and you only need a short run to start. However, you're going to do a big run after that, and you promise (in writing) to use them to create the bigger run.

So, they cut you a deal, and work off the premise of future payment or a percentage of future profits, and, with the right timing, everyone wins and you still haven't spent a dime.

Now, we'll still need to solve:
Distribution of the widget.
& Possibly revenue collection for said widget.

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