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More $ thoughts

I know, bit of a tangent.  We'll get back to the other stuff pretty soon.

How many clicks is that? (the $100 a day p/blog)

Well, about an average of 300 clicks p/day... which probably means around 3,000, to 30,000 visitors.  (as I'm not sure what percentage of people in each reading group would click a link if they enjoyed the article, but 1% is dependable, and 10% is probably optimistic)

So, if you got around 30k coming to your blogs, that might be about right - now, that's actually not entirely true, because there's also a impression number that'd start kickin' in at that point, so, math wise, you'd only probably need about half that.

So, let's say that your monthly goal of passive income, if you have five blogs, is approximately your daily visitor number.

ie $15,000 a month goal = 15,000 daily visitors x 5 blogs?

We'll find out how accurate that is as this progresses oui?

(okay, okay, back to book reviews and deep thoughts.  Just got a little excited about all this, that's all)

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts
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