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Blogging for profit update: part 2

When you look at blogging income verses job-income, one thing you must take into account is relative income.

See, if you've read The Four Hour Work Week, one thing Tim is really passionate about, is relative income.  (btw, great book, pick up a copy cheap on amazon)

The calculation tables compare like so:
 Cindy makes 100k p/year
 Alice makes 50k p/year

 Cindy works 40 hrs p/week
 Alice works 10 hrs a week.  

Suddenly, the math is a little different, yes?

Before, our only calculation to compare was:
 Cindy makes $1923.08 p/week
 Alice makes $961.54 p/week.  
(divided by 52).

So you can easily say that Cindy makes more than Alice, right?

But!  If you look at their hourly wage (that is, how much time they are exchanging for dollars - time being our most valuable asset) we see that Alice is considerably more wealthy than Cindy, as:

Cindy makes $48.08 p/hr
Alice makes $96.15 p/hr
(What they make p/week divided by the hours p/week they worked)

Alice's life is lookin' better and better now, eh?  

Not to mention, she could fill her time up with ANOTHER JOB, making nearly as much as Cindy does now, if she really wanted to (or, more likely combine with another method of income similar to her current one, to double her hourly wage to $192.30 p/hr and still only be working around 20 hours a week)

More tomorrow!

How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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