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The Google Story - Book Review

Okay, we've all heard about Google ad sense and all the jillions of dollars people can make from it.

What people don't talk quite as much about, is Google, itself.

I've recently been listening to The Google Story.  A frank, "biography" of the company itself.

Its fascinating, listening to the story of their past, and its really, really fascinating listening to their proposed future.  They talk about all kinds of futuristic projects, including being able to google your genome - meaning you can insert some hair or blood into your computer's scanning device, and it'll be able to check for hereditary impurities and likely diseases etc - as well as a full health checkup and a bunch of other interesting things.

Wow eh?

Just wow.

Plus, they're in the process of completely digitizing and universally translating ALL BOOKS in the world.  (making all information available, like a library)


So cool.

The book has its dry parts, (there's one section where it seems like all the narrator (Robert Vyes) says, is "then they needed more computers, then they bought some, then they needed more computers... and then they bought some..."  but, all 'n all, I'd still recommend it, as its very interesting.

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