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How to profit by creating competition

Okay, so, you've wracked your brain trying to come up with ways to duplicate your art, and serve huge groups of people instead of one-on-one... but you just can't.

Ultimately, it comes down to a rare skill or quality only you posses.

You love what you do, yes?

You want to keep doing it, but maybe it doesn't make you the lifestyle you want, yes?

Rare = valuable.

Think about it. ONLY YOU can do this amazing skill that you love to do. You have virtually no competition as a result of this amazing awesomeness that you are the sole owner of.

Rare = valuable.

What people would want this skill of yours? How could you get their information, and how much would they pay for this info?

Worried about creating competition? Worried about being less unique? Sure, its a concern. But do a projection, just for fun.

They say that, on average, 2% of the population buys books for the purposes of self improvement.

They say that, of that 2%, 90% never read the book, or watch the video.

So now we're down to 0.002.

Of that, they say that only 1% actually applies that which they've learned, and makes it through the entire series (oh yes, you'll have a series of books. You can't master this unique skill in a single book!)

So, if we take this number (0.00002) and multiply it by, oh let's say... 100,000 books @ 19.99 each, you'll have amassed a total of 2 competitors who rival you in skill, and a fortune of about two million bucks.

Assuming you write some more books for these two ambitious people on the subject of getting discovered as artists, and, they, being the tenacious buggers that they are, make it through and apply that knowledge as well, you'll have amassed quite the fortune, and acquired 2 people with which you can create a healthy rivalry; or, better, simply partner up with them and promote each other through affiliate income.

Its a big world. And there is plenty for everyone.

A simple ebook (see tomorrow's article) has the potential to launch your income into the stratosphere.

And, with all that spare change kickin' around... feel free to still make your passionate one-off sculptures/paintings/dance lessons. After all, its what you love to do, its your passion.

Now, you're simply rich from it.
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