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Sensei Ono, founder of Shinka Martial Arts, is a teacher and student of life. His passion for helping others and self improvement is the purpose behind this blog. -- "If your purpose in any way includes making the world a better place, I urge to you read, and share the knowledge."

Making money in art

For many artists, the premise of passive income is a daunting one. "But, will I not need to create, in order to sell my (sculpture, painting, dance lessons etc)?"

The answer, is actually no, if you're not selfish.

"Huh!? How is me helping the world through my art selfish?" Excellent question. Thank you for being open minded enough to ask.

The truth of the matter is, if you're helping people one-on-one with your art, its so you can see the look in their eyes when you present your art. Otherwise, you'd be looking to help the world with it via duplication and mass exposure.

Not offended yet? Awesome, read on.

Let's get to the root of what it is you do. From sculpture, to painting etc. Why do you do it? Sure, you like to bend the steel, or craft the canvas - but why?

Now, ask yourself how you could accomplish this same thing... but a million times a day?

THAT is the million dollar question. Let's take martial arts for example. I run and own Shinka Martial Arts. Its won all kinds of awards and whatnot as the best school, and its a huge martial arts school, and awesome etc. That's my passion, its what I love to do.

But, what is it I love doing, exactly? Well, I love making the world a better place through empowering my students through a viable medium in regards to self confidence, self discipline, and self actualization.

Alright, so if we quantify those things as items, could the same thing be accomplished through a well put together book, DVD series, blog writing, and a franchise of a 1000 or so dojos scattered throughout the land?

Yeah. And my impact would be greater on this planet. And believe me, I do have some long term plans for this place that're going to rock people's worlds.

The point is, you can take any art - (of which many services fall under) and turn it into a duplicatable medium.

AND IF IT CAN'T... read on!
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