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Money Meditation

Often times, we hear about meditation being for the soul, for centering the mind, or for its health benefits.

And those are all great uses for it. If you're interested in the health aspect, I highly recommend this 3 minute meditation. And, if you're looking for a guided spiritual journey, I would say that the meditation on twin hearts is a great place to start.

However, if you're more interested in removing the financial weeds in your abundant mind; that is, removing your own self-imposed limitations which are the result of your upbringing "Money doesn't grow on trees" type programming that you've received as a child, then what I would recommend is something more along the lines of

This powerful meditation really gets to the root (if you'll forgive the pun) of your financial problems. As they say, everyone looks at the fruits of their financial situation, not the roots.

Change the roots, you change the fruits.

You can't get mad at a lemon tree for making lemons; and, no matter what you do to those lemons, they're still lemons.

(wait... am I paraphrasing advise from Kung Fu Panda now? haha, there's a sign that its time to wrap this article up)

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