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Tony Robbins Reviews

Having listened to and read each and every product Tony has on the market, one might consider me a conneseur of the master influencer whose catchphrase to live with passion has so impacted my life.

So, in no particular order, here is my review of his products.

Awaken the Giant within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life
The flagship product of Mr. Robbins, and arguably his most extensive and complete works. I wouldn't say that it is his best put together, cohesive product, but, it IS stocked FULL of great tidbits of information.

Recommendation: Read a few pages a month and let them sink in, while reading another book.

Unlimited Power : The New Science Of Personal Achievement
Meh, this piece is somewhat of a summerized version of his earlier, Unlimited power. While good, I would more recommend taking your time with Unlimited power, than breezing through this one.

Get the Edge: A 7-Day Program To Transform Your Life
Short, sweet, and you'll listen to it again and again throughout your life. An excellent acquisition, and it lends itself more to action, than to introspection. As emotion is brought on by motion, I find these types of his products to be extra beneficial.

Anthony Robbins: The Edge - The Power to Change Your Life Now
Again, short, sweet, and full of action steps. Similar to the previous, however, so... not AS recommended.

Anthony Robbins Personal Power: A 30 Day Program (24 Audio Cassettes)
An excellent collection, surpassed only by the sequel.

Relationship Breakthrough: How to Create Outstanding Relationships in Every Area of Your Life
I like his ultimate relationship program better, but, still good.

Time of Your Life: 3 Ways to Take Control of Your Life
Fantastic, but, poor replay value. Meaning, unlike the rest of Tony's works, I think you'll find you'll only listen to this one, once or twice, tops.

Personal Power II (30th Anniversary Edition)
My personal favorite. Personal power 2 is action-step gold, introspective gold, and both knowledge and emotionally based. In my opinion, some of his best works both in motivational value, introspective insights and recommended positive habitual activities.

Anthony Robbins' "Powertalk" - Strategies for Lifelong Success 24-cassette Set in 12 Albums (Audio Cassette) (Strategies for Lifelong Success 24-cassette Set in 12 Albums (Audio Cassette))
More for a Tony-conneseur such as myself than a dabler, or first-time listener. Interviews with rich and influencial people; experts & masters in their respective fields.

Tony's lust for knowledge and passion for understanding the specific piece that makes masters what they are; this series is interesting, especially if you're interested in the fields of those interviewed.

Anthony Robbins Ultimate Relationship Program (Inner Strength Series)
Fantastic, and tear jerkingly amazing in its entirety. I would recommend this to everyone. Literally everyone. In a relationship, not in a relationship, and everywhere in between.

For pure entertainment value, it still has merit, and for those who seek to improve the love in their lives, (which I think should honestly be everyone) a must have.
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