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Cheating at Blogging

There seems to be a trend brewing, which is stealing or buying other people's content for profit.

Take this site, for example.

"Welcome to Upstart Blogger. Successful blogging made simple. Free minimalist Wordpress themes and 6 years of archived content. Scroll down to view the 10 most popular posts, ranked by current page views."

Seriously? Like blogging is such a hard pastime that we need to purchase other people's content? I guess it would aid in some form of duplication... but then the net would be saturated with all this guy's stuff, would it not?

Then there's this fellow. Again, basically pandering to the public.

Is it me, or shouldn't the passion for helping people come first, and the desire to monetize it second?

Or, maybe I'm a dinosaur stuck in the past where people would share information and be grateful to make a profit from it. What say you? I certainly have nothing against people making a profit online... but I think it should come from contributing something useful, not copying someone else's useful information.

If you're going to sell blog-related tools, I would say that $10 fortunes has a better thought process. Instead of selling the blog content (again, kind of cheating IMO - they are selling tools to help facilitate your information getting read, and tools that help you maintain a connection with all of your readers.

That's cool. Right now, this blog is only a hobby, and I'm just getting into it. Perhaps I'll check that site out in the future and give you a review. (would you want that?)
How could you best encourage a blogger to blog?

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