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You want to be able to sell your business, EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS!

You mention selling someone's business, and they get all huffy and defensive.

"Oh, my business is my passion, I love what I do, I would never want to sell."

Uh huh, right right... Well, I have two things to say to that.

1) In order to leave behind an infinite legacy of wealth, a business must be able to function without you (because, chances are, you're going to die at some point and some unenthusiastic offspring of yours is going to be left holding the reigns)

2) I never said you had to sell ALL of it!

You could sell 20% of your business, and still make a few million. And, just think about how you could EXPAND YOUR INFLUENCE / IDEA and help even more people... with a few extra million bucks.

Eh? Eh? Not so bad now, the whole selling the business thing... now is it?

3) There is no more profitable thing, than selling a business.

4) See number 3.
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