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Solar power & LEDs

One of my investing partners was looking at some of the new green technologies, including some LED plans, and I got to thinking...

What if we were able to create bright enough LEDs, or sensitive enough/efficient enough solar panels, that we were able to power those LEDs with 99% or less than the energy generated by the panels powered by the LEDs to begin with?

Is such a thing so far fetched?  A light-powered generator that powers lights?

This wouldn't so much be for local power (clearly, we have the Sun, which should be fine).

Instead, think about the space-travelling applications, or, even subterranean applications.  Places where sunlight cannot reach, where fuel/electricity is scarce.

I imagine a huge, bright dome with mirrors and solar panels and a super bright LED in the center... a power source for some large, space faring ship, or an underground living area.

Too science fiction, or possible?

"If an idea is at first not rejected, it has no future" - Albert Einstein.

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

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  1. What an amazing concept!

    Hope you'll have something new to report on this soon!


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