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Online Surveys Scam or Not?

I've been looking at a few of those "we'll pay you to fill out surveys" type sites, and one ACTUALLY seems to not be a scam.  (many are)

They honestly do pay you to fill out surveys (every now and then I'll fill them out for a few extra bucks).

They say $1-$25 p/survey, well, I would say that its generally closer to the $1 than it is to the $25, but, for a kid sitting in school, thinking about how to make a few extra bucks, or for a single mom attached to her new baby and wondering if there's a way to make a few extra dollars, this could be at least a supplement for you.

Check it out

Now, another interesting thing - is that if you start filling out surveys because of that link, they'll send ME a commission as well.  (pretty neat) so, once you sign up, you also can refer others, and the cycle continues.

Note, that the commission doesn't come out of what you'd be earning, its an on-top-bonus type thing.

Kind of a nice side benefit, eh?

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