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A list of multi-tier affiliates

Affiliate Income is fantastic.

The best affiliate income is multi-tier affiliate income.  What that means, is that when you sign up for these services due to the below links, they pay me.  When people sign up because of YOUR links... I MAKE MONEY (and so do you) and so on.

Usually there's a three tier limit, so, the person you told, if they told a person, I wouldn't make any money, but you still would.


So, you basically get to reciprocate to the people who tell you how to make money, at no cost to you.


So, you want a list of these amazing affiliates do you?

Very well, in nor particular order, they are:

Maximum Survey *****
Awesome.  They give you nearly $25 p/referral... and $1 p/referral for every referral they refer.  They compensate you okay for the surveys themselves, too.

Survey Savvy   ***
This site is "okay" - it depends on who you are.

Personally, I've only made about $20 in about two months.  Though that was on a single survey, as that's the only survey they've sent me in that time (except for one other one, which I didn't qualify for)

This is just my experience, though.  I don't think I'm a much sought after demographic for surveys.  You might get one every day for all I know.

Also, there's a somewhat long process of filling out free survey-like questionnaires, so that they have a personality profile with which to match you against potential surveys.

Still, its worth signing up, just to be on their list.  The paid surveys are quick and painless, and the potential to make a quick $20 is always a nice thing to find in one's inbox.

I've made a whopping $7.50 on this site.  Again, though, that's off of a single blog.  That one took a whole 2 minutes to do, so I'm a huge fan of this.  It does require having a blog, and writing an article in which you mention some related products.  (I wrote about purchasing Diablo III characters)

You don't have to endorse their products, though.  You can be as harsh/negative as you want towards the product.  All they care about is the fact that you link to them to increase their SEO (so your artistic integrity isn't biased, simply your choice of subject matter)

Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar *****
This is a life changing, awesome event, filled with multi-tier affiliate income opportunities.  Their products are fantastic, and their sales presentations very compelling.  I take Shinka Students every year, as I find it an excellent way to upgrade a student's mindset, and improve their lives!

I've also included a few others.
While these are not multi-tier, they do offer multiple levels of income.

This site provides a fairly good commission on sales, and, also is an excellent site for you to upload any content you think would make a decent ebook.  Again, residual income.  The biggest check (at this writing) that I've gotten from my published books is $88, though, on average, its closer to about $8 p/month.  Not bad though, considering the books were already written and just sitting in my hard drive collecting bytes.

Not a writer?  How about a funny artist?  This site is similar to Lulu, except they deal in tshirts.  Again, you can get modest commissions (I think I've gotten a few payments of $5 here 'n there, very sporadic) but if you get a shirt "published" you can make quite a bit of money.  (As yet, my ideas have been rejected, but perhaps you'll have better luck)

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