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Million Dollar Dumps

Random concept idea.

So, y'know how in the World Wars, they'd melt down kid's metal toys and whatnot for the metal to make their guns/bombs etc?

So... what if in the future something similar happened with oil?

Those who owned the landfills... or possibly the technology required to sort said landfill into various parts (metal/plastic/organic) would make quite the fortune.

As far as I can figure, you could make a (don't freak out) flesh eating/organic material eating parasite type thing, and separate the rest with a big magnet.

Heck, the parasite might even be able to make usable soil, and then you could sift the whole thing.  100% usage of viable resources.

If not a money-making idea, an environmentally awesome one at least.

(I know this type of musing is a little off topic, but I'm curious as to your thoughts)

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

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