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Whoever is more committed

Let me tell you something:  Whoever is more committed to their ideal reality in this world, has it.

I heard an interesting story once, where a fellow was very sure that Tony Robbins didn't have any official credentials in the realm of NLP.  And, Tony knew that he did.

But the fellow on the other end was so sure that this was the case, that, when he said to call up Tony's professor - Tony got nervous, because of the passion this other fellow had for their argument.

Now, obviously, Tony knew he had graduated from this place and had his credentials, but THE PASSION OF THE OTHER PERSON STILL MADE HIM QUESTION THEM.

If you go into a negotiation and you are simply more committed to something and passionate about something than they are apathetic towards it, you win.  Plain and simple.

Use every objection as a reason to find out why they would be so foolish as to not see the awesome that is your idea, and then help them to understand.

Eventually, they will understand... if passion for the idea exceeds the person opposed to the idea's jaded apathy.

Your problems are all money making ideas.
Solutions are money.
Easy solutions are lots of money.

If you can take something that is "too hard" and do it FOR someone else...

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