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Sensei Ono, founder of Shinka Martial Arts, is a teacher and student of life. His passion for helping others and self improvement is the purpose behind this blog. -- "If your purpose in any way includes making the world a better place, I urge to you read, and share the knowledge."

Shinka Mastermind Group

I'm pleased with the progress behind the Shinka Mastermind Group.

Its spawned several blogs, several great business ideas, and possibly most importantly, inspired the group to grow and learn in each other's chosen areas, and made the group itself stronger for it.

Look at the list of blogs alone!

The Key to Awesome
Passionate Passive Income
Life, Love, And Martial Arts
Top 100 Authors
The Daily Failure
Cool Random Facts
Smell of n00bs
Epic Adventure Blog
Submit a Chapter
Super Awesome Robot
Epic Baby Names
Daily Healthy Recipes
I Eat Vegan Kittens
Weird Daily News
Dance As Though No One Was Watching You
The Girl Who Was Given Wings

Sensei Ono, Shinka Martial Arts

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